Eleventh Dream Day - Singles and EP's

1. Go   2. Southern Pacific [Neil Young cover]  3. Tenth Leaving Train

1989 12" vinyl, Amoeba Records A 006

"Go" recorded 10/88. "Southern Pacific" and "Tenth Leaving Train" recorded 7/87. Released 1989.

"Awake I Lie (live)" 1990 7" vinyl, included with Bucketfull of Brains magazine issue #29 click here to read the article. COMMENTS: Free split single with another band (Kaleidoscope) on the flipside. Recorded in 1989 at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago (date unknown).
"Psychology On Love/(split with 3 other artists)" 1991 7" vinyl COMMENTS: This split single is known as AN IMAGINARY EP (serial #BOB 31) and came free with issue #37 of Bucketfull of Brains magazine.
FRIENDS OF EDD (free fan club single) side A: "I Hear Those Dogs Again" recorded July 1988 during the PRAIRIE SCHOOL FREAKOUT session. side B: "I'm A Bug" [Urinals cover] recorded live at Bunratty's in Allston, Mass. on 31 July, 1989. 1991 7" vinyl - limited edition of 500 through the fanclub only. NOTES: Instead of sides "A" and "B", the label says "Dog side" and "Bug Side". The catalog number on the label is FOE-01. (get the joke? "Friends of Eleventh Dream Day" is abbreviated as "FOE" - cute!)
"Rose of Jericho" album version (3:41) 1991 promo CD, Atlantic Records PRCD 3694-2 COMMENTS: unique artwork on traycard consists of cartoon yellow schoolbuses on black background
"I Could Be Lost" 1. Ivan Ivan mix (3:37) 2. McKenna mix (3:37) 1991 promo CD, Atlantic Records PRCD 3904-2 COMMENTS: This is a promo-only CD single with a nice unique picture (band playing with toy buses) on the front tray card. The Ivan mix tones down the guitars a bit, and the McKenna mix is just the album mix.
TWO SWEETIES 1. Makin Like A Rug 2. Sunflower 3. Honeyslide 1992 CD-single, City Slang 04904-3 1992 12" vinyl, City Slang EFA 04904-02
"Makin' Like A Rug" 1. album version (3:40) 2. demo version (3:59) 1993 promo CD, Atlantic Records PRCD 4978-2 COMMENTS: Released as a promo-only item. Demo version was produced by Brad Wood at Idful Music in Chicago.
"After This Time Has Gone" 1. After This Time Is Gone (album version) 2. After This Time Is Gone (live) 3. Honeyslide (live acoustic) 4. Sunflower (live acoustic) 5. Sunflower 6. Figure It Out (demo) 7. Makin Like A Rug (live) 1993 promo CD, Atlantic Records PRCD 5116-2 COMMENTS: Recorded 1992-3. Released as a promo-only item. Tracks #2 & 7 produced by Rob Stevens for syndicated radio show "College Soundtrack" Tracks #3 & 4 produced by Jon Hancock for Westwood One radio productions Track #5 is an outtake from the EL MOODIO album. Track #6 recorded and mixed by Brad Wood at Idful Music in Chicago
"Orange Moon" side A: "Orange Moon" side B: "I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing" [Funkadelic cover] 1994 7" vinyl, City Slang Records EFA 04941-7 and Atavistic Records ALP 1745 (jointly issued) Comments: May exist as orange vinyl, or both orange and black versions.
"Flutter" 1. Flutter (album version) 2. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand (live) 3. Rubberband (live) 4. Orange Moon (live) 1995 CD, Atavistic Records ALP 28CD-Pro COMMENTS: Recorded 1994, released as a promo-only item in 1995. Live tracks were recorded at the radio station WHPK's studio on 11/18/94. "Little Man With a Gun In His Hand" is a cover of the Minutemen.
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