Compilations featuring Eleventh Dream Day

side one, track 3: "The Arsonist" (by Eleventh Dream Day)
side two, track 4: "Delaware Rain" (by Paint Set)

1985 LP on Dead Bunny Records HEAT 451

"The Arsonist" recorded May 1985 at Remington Road Studios in Schaumburg, Illinois.
Engineered and produced by Michael Freeman.  (Sounds the same as on their self-titled debut)

Rick Rizzo contributes acoustic 12-string and electric guitars to the song "Delaware Rain"
by the band Paint Set - whose drummer is Ric Menck!

The liner notes say:
"The seeds for this compilation album were first sown at Club 950 in Chicago on 25th April 1984.
The occasion was a Get Smart! show opened by Eleventh Dream Day in their first ever live performance ..."

There is another compilation LP called HOG BUTCHERS OF THE WORLD UNITE that was also sponsored by
WNUR, and it contains a track by a band called Mojo Wishbean & Trippy Squashblossom - a very early
version of Freakwater, the Eleventh Dream Day offshoot band that has
Janet Bean (a.k.a. Janet Rizzo after she married Rick).

BUDWEISER CHICAGO PRIDE COMPILATION, Volume One track 12: "Go" 1988 CD, Pride Records PRD-1000 COMMENT: This is the only CD issue of "Go". The compilation, sponsored by WXRT and Budweiser, also has a Material Issue track from two years before their debut album.
TIME WILL SHOW THE WISER track #2: "Between Here and There" 1989 CD, Triad Records TRICD 001 COMMENTS: This is an earlier, different version than the recording on BEET (see below). Produced by Phil Bonnet and Eleventh Dream Day. Liner notes in the CD say: "Midwestern guitar heroes Eleventh Dream Day have been lauded far and wide of late, thanks to a stunning debut LP 'PRAIRIE SCHOOL FREAKOUT (Amoeba, 1988) which comes well stacked with duelling six-strings and dark, seething songs. New Rose have released the album (and CD) in Europe. "Between Here and There" was recorded on Jan. 24, 1989, a treat for the faithful and a hook for those yet unaware."
LASER ROCK 'N ROLL, Vol. 2 track: (unknown) 199? CD, New Rose-640 (France) COMMENT: New Rose French label compilation features tracks by Alex Chilton, Dramarama, 11th Dream Day and others.
A MATTER OF DEGREES - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack track 3: "Liz Beth" 1991 CD, Atlantic Records 7 82245-2 COMMENT: This version is a totally new re-recording of the song from their debut EP.
ON THE EDGE - show #93-29 (broadcast the week of July 12, 1993) interview with 4 songs: Honey Slide (album version) Makin' Like A Rug (album version) Angel Spread Your Wings (live acoustic) Out Of This World (live acoustic) [Loudon Wainwright III cover] 1993, Westwood One productions COMMENT: This is a weekly syndicated radio show. Martin Joseph and Sugar are the other two featured artists on this particular week.
HEAVEN AND HELL - Vol. 3 1992-94 Imaginary Records 022 (??) 15 MINUTES: A TRIBUTE TO VELVET UNDERGROUND track 8: "Ocean" 1994 Imaginary Records ILLCD 047P CD only? COMMENT: These are all tributes to Velvet Underground. HEAVEN AND HELL was originally a 3 LP series with each LP released about a year apart. Then it was later combined and reissued as a single CD called 15 MINUTES: A TRIBUTE TO VELVET UNDERGROUND. (it has exclusive tracks by Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Swervedriver, Ride + others)
MILK FOR PUSSY track #?: Dakota ??? Mad Queen Records MQR 931-01 LP?/CD?
100 WATTS: SOUNDS FROM WHPK's "PURE HYPE" track #8: "History Of Brokeback" 1996 Atavistic (no serial # given) CD only COMMENTS: Recorded 1994, released 1996. Probably from the same 11/18/94 session as the live-in-studio tracks on the FLUTTER EP. ORDERING INFO: You can get this CD directly from WHPK themselves in Chicago. It costs $9, which includes shipping and handling. Payment may be done by check or money order, payable to WHPK. Email address: Phone: (773) 702-8289 Postal address: WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago 5706 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637
OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS - An Atavistic Compilation CD1, track 7: "I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing" [Funkadelic cover] CD1, track 8: "This Deadly Game" 1996 Atavistic Records ALP 38CD 2xCD only COMMENTS: I think this is the only way to get "I Got A Thing" on CD. "This Deadly Game" is credited to Wynn/Rizzo/Bean/Gay on the outer sleeve.
IN FLUX US - Thrill Jockey Compilation contains "Love To Hate To Love" (live at the Double Door in Chicago - summer '97) 1998 AuGoGo Records ANDA228CD (compilation CD available only in Australia)
Miscellaneous Videos A SCOTT PETERSON FILM OUT OF THE LOOP COLOR * VHS * 86 MINUTES * NR * 1997 STARRING: STEVE ALBINI TRIPLE FAST ACTION THE WESLY WILLIS FIASCO VERUCA SALT DIE WARZAU ELEVENTH DREAM DAY RED RED MEAT THE PULSARS SISTER MACHINE GUN & THE JESUS LIZARD Press release sayd "Discover the meaning of success for bands on the fringe. Interviews with club owners, bands, and record critics provide insights into the aspirations and concommitant struggles of these burgeoning musicians. 1997 Chicago Underground Film Festival winner." NOTES: Contains a short interview with Rick Rizzo and a live performance of "Making Like A Rug". Over the credits at the end of the movie you can hear (but not see) a live recording of the song "April" from the (as yet) unreleased EIGHTH album.
Miscellaneous Collections Various Artists / CMJ - Certain Damage Vol 23 Disc 2 Track 6 - "Testify" from the BEET album Various Artists / Subrock - The Best of Independent and Grunge Disc 2, track 7 - "Rose Of Jericho" from the LIVED TO TELL album Various Artists / Spew 2 Sampler Track 1 - "Makin' Like A Rug" from the EL MOODIO album Various Artists / New Voices - Rolling Stone, Volume 11 Track 8 - "Insomnia" from the EIGHTH album Various Artists / I HEAR YA! SUMMER '94 - promo CD from Caroline Records "Orange Moon" from the URSA MAJOR album
Guest appearances by Eleventh Dream Day and/or its members

STEVE WYNN - THE SUITCASE SESSIONS 1998 Return To Sender RTS 28 CD only Tracklisting: 1. Why 2. Waiting Like Mary 3. This Deadly Game 4. The Difference Between Right And Wrong 5. Make It Up To You 6. The Way You Punish Me 7.-12. (do not feature Eleventh Dream Day) COMMENTS: Tracks #1-6 recorded at Idful Studios (Chicago) in July 1995. Engineered by Casey Rice. Musicians: Steve Wynn, Rick Rizzo, Dave Gay, Janet Bean Steve Wynn is the ex-leader of the 80's band Dream Syndicate and has released numerous solo albums in the 90's. He recorded some demos with Eleventh Dream Day in 1995 prior to recording the album MELTING IN THE DARK (Zero Hour ZHD 1160), but eventually chose to use the band Come as his backup unit for the sessions used on the album. The songs "Why" and "The Way You Punish Me" (Come versions) appeared on the album, but the other songs remained unreleased until this limited edition (of 2000) on the German label Return To Sender. "This Deadly Game" is a duet with Wynn and Janet Bean. "The Difference Between Right and Wrong" is a duet with Wynn and Rick Rizzo.

SOUNDTRACK: Dutch Harbor 1997 Atavistic Records serial number: ??? Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back An independent documentary film by Braden King and Laura Moya THE SOUNDTRACK, produced by filmmaker Braden King and composer and musician Michael Krassner, was released by ATAVISTIC in March, 1997 and features improvisations and ensemble performances by Joseph Ferguson, David Grubbs, Charles Kim, Michael Krassner, Douglas McCombs (Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day, Brokeback), Jim O'Rourke, David Pavkovic, Rick Rizzo and Ken Vandermark, as well as a collaboration between Will Oldham (Palace) and Jim O'Rourke.
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