Eleventh Dream Day album discography

ELEVENTH DREAM DAY (self-titled debut album)

Walking Through The Barrel Of A Gun / Vein Of Gold / Not The Ballad Of A Girl 
Liz Beth / The Arsonist / Cascade 

LP - 1987, Amoeba Records A 002

Ric Menck: percussion 
Michael Freeman: vibraslap 
Paul Chastain: organ 
Raoul Stober: Strohs 

Recorded 10/85-1/86 except "Liz Beth" in fall of 1984.  Released 1987.

PRAIRIE SCHOOL FREAKOUT Watching The Candles Burn / Sweet Smell / Coercion /Driving Song / Tarantula Among The Pines / Through My Mouth / Beach Miner / Death Of Albert C. Sampson/ Life On A String Tenth Leaving Train (CD bonus track) CD 1988, Amoeba Records A 003 New Rose (Europe) LP 1988, Amoeba Records ????? New Rose (Europe) COMMENTS: Recorded 7/87. Released 1988. "Tenth Leaving Train" is the same version as on the WAYNE EP.
BEET Between Here And There / Testify / Bagdad's Last Ride / Awake I Lie / Road That Never Winds Axle / Michael Dunne / Bomb The Mars Hotel / Teenage Pin Queen / Love To Hate To Love / Go (Slight Return) Seiche (CD bonus track) CD 1990, Atlantic Records 7 82053-2 LP 1990, Atlantic Records ???? COMMENTS: Recorded June 1989 at Metro Mobile Studios in Chicago. Produced by Gary Waleik and engineered by Timothy Powell. Mixed at Fort Apache North by Lou Giordano and Gary Waleik in August 1989. Backing vocals by the Disembodied Choir: Michael Cergizan, Douglas McCombs, Gary Waleik, and Baird Figi. Available as both LP and CD (with bonus track).
BORSCHT Love To Hate To Love (live) / Bagdad's Last Ride (live) / Go (live) / Testify (live) Tarantula (live) / Bomb The Mars Hotel (live) / Albert C. Sampson (live) / Between Here And There (studio) 1990 LP, Atlantic Records PR 3235 - no CD release also issued in Europe on the Brigand label: BRIG018 COMMENTS: Released as a promotional item in 1990. All live tracks were recorded at the Lounge Ax in Chicago on Jan. 6, 1990 for WXRT 93.1 FM. Production, recording and mixing done by Timothy R. Powell, assisted by Lawrence Whipple. "Between Here And There" is simply the album track from BEET.
LIVED TO TELL Rose Of Jericho / Dream Of A Sleeping Sheep / I Could Be Lost / It's Not My World / You Know What It Is Frozen Mile / Strung Up And/Or Out / North Of Wasteland / It's All A Game / Trouble / There's This Thing Daedalus / Angels Spread Your Wings 1991 CD, Atlantic Records 7 82179-2 1991 LP, Atlantic Records(?) 7567-82179-1 (Europe only?) COMMENTS: Recorded summer 1990. Released 1991. GUEST MUSICIANS: Brad Wood: tenor sax on "There's This Thing" David Foster: calliope and cello on "Daedalus"
EL MOODIO Makin Like A Rug / Figure It Out / After This Time Is Gone / Murder / Honeyslide That's The Point / Motherlode / The Raft / Bend Bridge / Rubberband 1993 CD, Atlantic Records 7 82480-2 As best as I know, no vinyl version of this album was released. COMMENTS: Recorded 10/92. Released 1993. GUEST MUSICIANS: Tara Key: guitar on "The Raft" Ric Menck: drums on "That's The Point" Jim Rondinelli: organ on "Bend Bridge" and "After This Time Is Gone"
URSA MAJOR History Of Brokeback / Occupation Or Not / Flutter / Orange Moon / Taking Leave Bearish On High / Nova Zembla / The Blindside / Exit Right 1994 CD, City Slang Records EFA 04943-2 1994 CD, Atavistic Records ALP 13 a vinyl LP was supposedly released, but the catalog # is unknown. Click here to read a review of the album written by noted rock journalist Greil Marcus for the music webzine Addicted To Noise GUEST MUSICIANS: Polly Brandes: cello John McEntire: drums, percussion, Putney synthesizer Bundy K. Brown: guitar
EIGHTH For A King / Writes A Letter Home / Two Smart Cookies / Insomnia View From the Rim / April / Motion Sickness / Last Call 1997 CD, Thrill Jockey TKCB-71124 1997 CD, Thrill Jockey (Japanese issue) a vinyl version was released, but the catalog # is unknown COMMENTS: Japanese CD manufactured by Tokumajapan Communications Co., LTD. and adds four tracks from the URSA MAJOR album: 1. History of Brokeback 2. Occupation Or Not 3. Bearish On High 4. The Blindside