Red Rockers
after the break-up
(careers and solo activities)

John Griffith is a member of the band Cowboy Mouth, a New Orleans-based group that has released 5 albums (and counting).  They had some chart success back in '97 with the song "Jenny Says".  I've seen them play live several times and they are a real firecracker!  They've been known to play "China" once in a while and I've also seen them do a fantastic version of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again".  John has a brief bio on the official website at
Cowboy Mouth albums:
WORD OF MOUTH (1992 Domino Records/Monkey Hill Records)
MOUTHING OFF (LIVE + MORE)(1993 Domino Records/Monkey Hill Records)
IT MEANS ESCAPE (1994 Monkey Hill Records)
ARE YOU WITH ME? (1996 MCA debut w/ new versions of some older songs)
WORD OF MOUTH (1996 - remixed version with bonus track)
MOUTHING OFF (1996 - remixed version with bonus track)
John also released a solo CD in 1988, which contains his versions of a couple songs later recorded by Cowboy Mouth, as well as a Waterboys cover, and some other originals that are unavailable elsewhere:

1988 Railroad Records
serial #: Railroad cd 1001
front artwork says "Cowboy Mouth guitarist (formerly of Red Rockers)"

1.  Crossfire
2.  Medicine Bow [Waterboys cover]
3.  Indian Rain
4.  Angel With A Broken Wing
5.  The Matador part I
6.  The Matador part II
7.  Son Of An Engineer (later recorded by Cowboy Mouth
8.  Rose On Fire (later recorded by Cowboy Mouth)
9.  Fall Again
10.  Waiting For My Call

Darren Hill is currently one of the heads of Soundproof Records (formerly Monolyth Records), a Boston-based indie label.  He mostly handles the A&R side, scouting and signing bands.  Soundproof Records has released albums by Amazing Royal Crowns, Grandpa Boy (ex-Replacements Paul Westerberg in disguise!) and Stickfigure (featuring Cy Young award-winning major league baseball pitcher Jack McDowell!).  They supposedly also have plans to one day re-release the Red Rockers' debut album CONDITION RED, as well as some other early unreleased Red Rockers material that is in the vault.

Here's a 1997 article in which Darren talks about running the label.

Darren was in at least four other bands after his Red Rockers' days:
    1.  The Raindogs on Atco Records (with Red Rocker Jim Reilly on drums)
            (singer/songwriter Mark Cutler has a webpage here)

           Raindogs albums with Darren and Jim:
                    Lost Souls (1990)
                    Border Drive-in Theatre (1991)

    2.  Paul Westerberg's band on Sire Records
    3.  Klover on Mercury Records
    4.  Stardarts - unsigned band led by ex-Neighborhood David Minehan

Jim Reilly was in English punk band Stiff Little Fingers as their drummer from 1979-1981.  He appears on their albums NOBODY'S HEROES and GO FOR IT.  In '81 he moved to New Orleans and joined the Red Rockers, whose first album had sounded somewhat punk, but of course they were more "new wave" than "punk" on GOOD AS GOLD and SCHIZOPHRENIC CIRCUS - the two albums he appeared on.  After Red Rockers, Jim and Darren moved to the Boston-area and were in the group Raindogs together.  They released two albums on Atco Records (see Darren Hill above).  I hear (via Stiff Little Fingers webpages) that Jim is now back in Belfast (Ireland).

Gary Attardo (touring keyboardist) formed St. Roch Records (New Orleans) in 1994 with the legendary producer/manager Kim Fowley.

Go to the St. Roch website and check out these pictures:
        (1) Red Rockers' new wave clothes in Feb. '85
        (2) Red Rockers backstage with the Go-Go's in 1984!

Nothing is known about what has happened to:
James Singletary (original guitarist)
Shawn Paddock (replacement for James Singletary)
Patrick Butler Jones (original drummer)

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