12" LP on Columbia/415 Records
serial # BFC 39281

1.  Just Like You (Drew Arnott)
2.  Blood From a Stone (Rob Hyman/Eric Bazilian)
3.  Shades of '45 (Gary O'Connor)
4.  Another Day (Griffith/Hill/Paddock/Reilly)
5.  Freedom Row (Griffith/Hill/Paddock/Reilly)
6.  Good Thing I Know Her (Griffith/Hill/Paddock/Reilly)
7.  Eve Of Destruction (P.F. Sloan)
8.  Both Hands In the Fire (Griffith/Hill/Paddock/Reilly)
9.  Burning Bridges (Griffith/Hill/Paddock/Reilly)
notes:  "Eve of Destruction" is a cover of the classic Barry McGuire hit song from the 60's.  "Blood From A Stone" was written by Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman from The Hooters and also appears on their own album NERVOUS NIGHT.  Bazilian also helped them with the arrangement for the remake of "Eve of Destruction".

Personal comments:
Though this is a solid album, I have to notice that the band
imported 4 out of the 9 tracks from outside songwriters.  Surely not a good sign!

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