12" - debut LP  on 415 Records
serial # 415 A-0006
(still unissued in CD format)

1.  Guns of Revolution (D. Hill)
2.  Teenage Underground (J. Griffith)
3.  Peer Pressure (J. Griffith)
4.  Can You Hear (J. Singletary)
5.  Grow Up (D. Hill)
6.  Know What I Think (Griffith/Singletary)
7.  Dead Heroes (D. Hill)  - lyrics
8.  Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash]
9.  Condition Red (D. Hill)
10.  Hold On (J. Singletary)
11.  White Law (J. Singletary)
12.  Live Or Die (J. Griffith)

Produced and engineered by David Kahne at the Automatt in San Francisco.
Jello Biafra sings background vocals on one song.

Personal comments:
If you like the Clash, then you oughta love this album.  The track times range between 1:21 to 3:12 at the most, meaning the songs have no room for fat.  The lyrics are concise but thoughtful, while the occasional short guitar solos and instrumental breaks all seem to fit beautifully into the songs.

Click here to see an old advertisement from LA radio station KROQ for the album.

Click here to see an old advertisment from 415 Records for this album.

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