The Darling Buds discography
(please email me with additions and corrections)
(last updated: August 8th, 1999)

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Would you like to read some interesting quotes that are etched into the inner grooves of many of their vinyl singles?

Would you like to read some articles that were written about the band?

Are you interested in seeing the tracklistings for some rarities compilations that I put together?

Other links:
A brief history and a list of members.
Lyrics to most of the songs, including b-sides
Read what Trouser Press magazine had to say about the Darling Buds.

        Thanks are due to Dave Hatten for his help in locating
        some of the more obscure releases found in this discography.

        Thanks also to Henry Jaremko for info on the John Peel BBC radio 
        sessions and early videos.

        Philip Graziano has also shared some video info with me,
        and Tom Cronin provided the info on the EROTICA promo cassette.

	If you have any releases that are not listed here, please 
	feel free to email me so that I may update the information. 
        Of course I'll add your name to this document to give credit for your help.

	---Dirk Horst

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