CACTUS WORLD NEWS chronological discography - by Dirk Horst
Please send all additions and corrections to Special thanks to: Andrew Freeman, Kirk O and Denis Copeland.

1984	THE BRIDGE (demo version aired on Irish radio)

		note:	The band formed in December, and shortly afterward a demo of 
			"The Bridge" was aired on Irish radio.  Bono of U2 apparently
			heard this and then offered to release the song on U2's new
			Mother Records label.

1985	THE BRIDGE EP (released November 1985)

		12" - Mother Records, 12MUM2 (UK)
		7"  - Mother Records, MUM2 (UK)
		tracklisting: The Bridge / The Other Extreme / Frontiers

		notes:  Produced by Bono and released on U2's own label,
			Mother Records, which was created by them to give 
			Irish artists a chance to get publicity.  The EP
			was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin
			between Jan. and July of 1985.

			12" was released in two versions for the outer sleeve.
			First version is black with red printing.  Front has
			some embossed designs.  Lyrics and photo on the back.  
			Second version is a plain black sleeve with rounded 
			The 7" sleeve is broadly similar to the 12". It has
			the lyrics and the same picture as the 12", but the
			black lines around the disc arent embossed and there's 
			a thin square red border around the cover. 

		visit the Mother Records homepage:
                see a complete Mother Records 80's discography:

1986	YEARS LATER (released on 06 Jan. 1986)

		12" - MCA Records, MCA-23621 (USA)
		12" - MCA Records, MCAT 1024 (UK)
		tracklisting: Years Later (extended) / Hurry Back / Pilots of Beka (live)

		notes:	The sleeve mislabels "Pilots of Beka (live)" as "Third One Live",
			but does say it was recorded live at the Marquee Club in London
			on 26 Nov. 1985.  Both the UK and USA versions come in the same
			picture sleeve.
		7" - MCA Records, MCA-52806 (USA)
		7" - MCA Records, MCA 1024 (UK)
		tracklisting: Years Later / Hurry Back / Pilots of Beka (live)

		notes:  Tracklisting is the same as the 12", but "Years Later" is not
			the extended version.  The B-side was to be played at 33 1/3
			instead of 45 RPM.
			The UK 7" has two different versions for the sleeve.  One is
			similar to the 12" promo version with the orange/white/green
			colors and the other is like the 12" commercial version with
			the picture sleeve.

		12" - MCA Records promo, L33-17112 (USA)
		tracklisting: Years Later (album version) / Years Later (extended version)		

		note:   Promo single comes with a very cool foldout insert titled "Cactus 
			World Newspaper" which compiles many press clippings from their 
			early career.  Outer sleeve has a green/white/orange (Irish flag?)
			color scheme.  Back cover has several quotes.

		12" - SPECIAL EDITION, MCA Records, MCAX 1024 (UK promo)
		tracklisting: Years Later / Waiting In the Lowlands (acoustic)
			      Dave Fanning interview / The Bridge (acoustic piano)

		notes:	Sleeve is white with CWN logo and Years Later **Special Edition** 
			printed in black, in a rectangle 5" by 3" box, set diagonally in 
			the top left hand corner. Nothing on the back.	The labels on the
			record are blank except for a big 1 & 2 on either side.  No track 
			listing is visible.  Musically, the acoustic piano version of "The 
			Bridge" finds Feargal "on holidays", so it features Wayne on piano 
			(instead of drums!) and Frank and Eoin on electric and acoustic 
			guitars.  "Waiting In the Lowlands" is done solo acoustic by Eoin.

1986	MELODY MAKER promo single with "Skin and Dust"

		7" - Melody Maker, MM VINYL CONFLICT 1
		note:  given away in Feb. 1986 issue of MELODY MAKER magazine (UK)

		1.  Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners - "Oily Black Limousine"
		2.  Cactus World News - "Skin and Dust"
		3.  The Men They Couldn't Hang - "The Bells"
		4.  The Housemartins - "Anxious"

1986	URBAN BEACHES (album)

		12" LP - MCA Records, MCA-5747 (USA) and ??? (UK)
		cassette - MCA Records, MCGC 605 (UK)
		cassette - MCA Records, MCAC-5747 (USA)
		CD - MCA Records, DMCG 6005 (UK)

		1.  Worlds Apart		6.  Years Later
		2.  In A Whirlpool		7.  Church of the Cold
		3.  The Promise			8.  Pilots of Beka
		4.  The Bridge			9.  Jigsaw Street
		5.  State of Emergency		10. Maybe This Time
						11. Cashen Bay Strand 
							(UK-only cassette & CD bonus track)

		notes:	The USA and UK releases have different pictures on the covers.
			The USA version also came with a sticker on the cover:

				"While not sounding particularly like U2 and Simple
				 Minds . . . CACTUS WORLD NEWS have the presence
				 and panache to produce that kind of quality sound,
				 a sheer symphonic volume that separates the men
				 from the boys."
						--- SOUNDS MAGAZINE			


		12" - MCA Records, MCAT 1040 (UK) 
		tracklisting: Worlds Apart (extended) / Cashen Bay Strand (extended)

		7"  - MCA Records, MCA 1040 (UK)
		tracklisting: Worlds Apart / Cashen Bay Strand

		note:   The extended version of the instrumental track "Cashen Bay Strand" 
			is the same as the one found on the CD version of the album.  The 
			cover pictures on front and back of this UK single are the same as 
			the ones used for the the cover of the USA version of the album.


		12" - MCA Records, MCAT 1080 (UK)
		tracklisting: The Bridge (extended) / Tables Overturn / Go Dti Na Tra

		12" - MCA Records promo, L33-17174 (USA)
		tracklisting: The Bridge (single mix) / The Bridge (live at Self Aid)

		7"  - MCA Records, MCA 1080 (UK)
		tracklisting: The Bridge (single mix) / Tables Overturn

		7" - MCA Records, MCA WN 1080 (UK)
		LIMITED EDITION shrinkwrapped 7" comes with free two track cassette.  The
		cassette has THE BRIDGE (live at Self Aid) / WORLDS APART (extended).

		notes:  The "single mix" was done by Dave Richards in Montreaux, Switzerland
			and it is noticably different than the album mix.  It also clocks
			in at 4:10 rather than 4:15 for the album mix.  The "extended"
			version is roughly 6:00 long even though the label does not actually
			state that this is an extended version!

			The "live at Self Aid" version is from the Self Aid Concert at
			Dublin, Ireland's RDS Stadium on 17 May 1986.  This version is
			4:40 in length and features some improvised singing in a break
			in the middle of the song.  This live version can also be found
			on the LIVE FOR IRELAND benefit albums that were later released,
			but the mix on the 12" single is superior in my opinion, as it
			is clearer and "brighter".  The mixes on the benefit album LP's
			and CD's seem "muddy" by comparison.

			The sleeve is black with white printing on both sides.  The back
			has the lyrics printed on it, while the front has the standard
			CWN printed logo and some quotes:

			"If you have any doubt that this band is for real, cross THE BRIDGE
			and prepare to be escalated to new musical heights."
								- Album Network

			"THE BRIDGE is made of the stuff that will eventually have American
			stadium audiences cheering the group to the final echo."
								- Melody Maker

			Favorite Record:
			"THE BRIDGE by Cactus World News"
								- Bono, U2
								  Rolling Stone, Jan. 1986

1986	SPIN Magazine Concert Series

		12" LP - MCA Records, L33-17202 (USA)
		note: This was a promo sent only to radio stations.

		1.  Church of the Cold				6.  The Other Extreme
		2.  Years Later					interview - songwriting methods
		interview - how the band got started		7.  Maybe This Time
		3.  Tables Overturn				interview - more songwriting methods
		interview - the band's sound - writing songs	8.  America [Simon & Garfunkel]
		4.  The Bridge					interview - guitar methods & expression
		interview - discuss Bono and Mother Records	9.  Jigsaw Street
		5.  Hurry Back					interview - technology in music

		notes:	Recorded live at the Whiskey in Los Angeles, CA on 20 August 1986.
			Radio show LP has has live songs interspersed with radio announcements,
			commercial breaks, and band interview segments.  Black and white covers
			with pictures on front and back.  Comes with cue sheet inserts.

		12" - MCA Records, MCAT 1340 (UK)
		tracklisting: Rebound / Reconcile / Break On Through (live) / City Of Angels

		7"  - MCA Records, MCA 1340 (UK)
		tracklisting: Rebound / Reconcile

		CD  - MCA Records, DMCAT 1340 (UK)
		tracklisting: Rebound / Reconcile / Break On Through (live)

		notes:	The 12" release has an extra track that the CD doesn't have.
			"Break On Through" is a cover of the song by the Doors.


		12" - MCA Records, MCAT 1364 (UK)
		CD  - MCA Records, DMCAT 1364 (UK)
		tracklisting: Town Like This / Volcano / State of Emergency (live)
		note: 	Unlike the "Rebound" single, the CD & 12" version of this release 
			DO NOT have different tracklistings.

	The "Rebound" and "Town Like This" singles were supposedly from a forthcoming album
	to be called "No Shelter", but this album has never been spotted for sale anywhere 
	on Earth that I know of.  The title came from an ad in a UK music magazine in 1989.
	Itriguingly enough, some advance copies MUST have been sent out because at least
	one magazine carried a review of the album!  Also, the official "Music Master" 
	record catalogue 16th Edition Published in 1990 lists:
  		Bearsville May '89 MCA (Cass, Album, CD)
		Planet Home Town Aug '89 (Album, Cass, CD)
	as being upcoming CWN releases.  Are these alternate names for the NO SHELTER album?


		7" - Rainbow Records, CWN1 (white sleeve with small picture sticker on front)
		tracklisting: Don't Let Me Down / Funny

		notes:	This is a very mysterious release.  It comes after the band were apparently
			dropped by MCA, but yet it has virtually no information printed on it and
			almost nobody has ever even seen this single.  On the other hand, for a
			brief moment during the hit movie THE COMMITMENTS (released in 1991) you
			can see a full-sized poster of the picture sticker from the front of the
			single!  (The scene is during the last 30-min. of the movie, and I think
			it's behind a band member who is sitting on a chair in the dressing room
			before their show starts.)

	Noteworthy compilations:


		12" - 2xLP - MCA Records, MCGD 6027 (UK)
                12" - 1xLP - MCA Records, (serial #???) (USA)
		cassette - MCA Records, MCGDC 6027 (UK)
		CD  - MCA Records, MCAD-42113 (USA) 
                CD  - MCA Records, (serial #???) (UK CD info???)
		VIDEO TAPE - a compilation video of many of the different bands that played

		notes:	These releases document Ireland's SELF AID benefit concert from
			17 May 1986.  The UK issue has some tracks by artists who aren't 
			on the shorter USA issue, but the USA issue has DIFFERENT tracks
			from some of the artists - very confusing!  Cactus World News 
                        contribute a live version of "The Bridge", and U2 play an interesting
			version of Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm".  Other notable appearances
			are by Thin Lizzy, Clannad, The Pogues, In Tua Nua, Elvis Costello,
			Van Morrison and the Boomtown Rats.  The videotape includes "The Bridge".

	Music videos, TV appearances (live or interviews):

OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST - BBC TV show (unknown air date, in 1985?)
	CWN auditioned to be in an episode that featured the current Dublin music scene,
	and landed a 30-second segment.

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - BBC2 TV show (autumn 1985)
	This is the full spot from the WHISTLE TEST.  It was aired after numerous phone 
	calls from people who had seen the WHISTLE TEST segment requested more information
	on the band.

MTV Spring Break live broadcast (02 March 1986):
	I recall seeing this and thinking "What a funny name for a band!?", but then being
	impressed by the intense music.  I forgot about the broadcast until later that summer
	when I bought the URBAN BEACHES album.
		1.  Worlds Apart
		2.  In A Whirlpool
		3.  Years Later
		4.  Church of the Cold
		5.  Jigsaw Street
		6.  The Bridge

live at Kentish Town & Country (15 April 1986):
	BBC showed a couple of the songs from that night's set on TV but I donít know which ones.  

"Worlds Apart" music video:
	I saw it several times on MTV and even once on a video show on a different cable station.
	I seem to remember it featuring some shots of the bandmembers boarding World War I style 

"Years Later" music video:
	Definitely exists.  A couple people have written to say that a promotional videotape
	was issued that contains both "Worlds Apart" and "Years Later" videos.  No one has said
	what the "Years Later" video looked like though.	

"The Bridge" music video:
	Supposedly exists.  No one has confirmed that they've seen it though.

SELF AID concert in Dublin Ireland (17 May 1986):
	This was a really big deal in Ireland and it was definitely broadcast on both TV and
	radio.  However, I've never been able to learn what other song (if any) they played 
	at this show besides "The Bridge". 

7UP Festival in Dublin - highlights shown on BBC2 in 1989.
	Part of a program on new Irish bands. Clips were shown of unreleased songs "Say 
	Goodbye", "Whose Life Is It Anyway" and also "The Bridge" as well as a brief 
	interview with Frank Kearns who was saying that it was good to have a Scot and 
	an American in the band. 

	Radio appearances & live bootleg tapes:

Dave Fanning interview on Irish radio 
		Dave Fanning is an Irish DJ who touted U2 at the beginning of their career, 
		thus giving them some early momentum before they ever signed a record deal.
		I think this is the same interview that is contained on the white label
		promo version of the "Years Later" 12" single.  

live at the Marquee in London on 26 Nov. 1985 (audience recording)
		1.  Pilots of Beka
		2.  Worlds Apart
		3.  In A Whirpool
		4.  Jigsaw Street
		5.  The Promise
		6.  Hurry Back
		7.  Church of the Cold
		8.  Years Later
		9.  The Other Extreme
		10. Maybe This Time
		11. The Bridge
		12. State of Emergency

		The band chose "Pilots of Beka" from this show to use as a live
		B-side on one of their singles, so a higher quality recording of
		the entire show must exist somewhere, but this particular one
		that is circulating is only a tinny recording from a member of the

live at the Venue in Aberdeen, Scotland on 11 April 1986 (audience recording)
		1. Worlds  Apart
		2. In A Whirlpool
		3. Pilots Of Beka
		4. Years Later
		5. The Promise
		6. Maybe This Time
		7. Hurry Back
		8. Tables Overturn
		9. Church Of The Cold
		10. The Bridge
		11. The Other Extreme
		12. State Of Emergency
		13. Holidays In The Sun [Sex Pistols]
		14. Jigsaw Street

		Terrible quality recording but a great set !!!!

live at Kentish Town & Country on 15 April 1986 (AM broadcast?)
		1.  Jigsaw Street
		2.  Maybe This Time
		3.  Worlds Apart
		4.  Years Later
		5.  Church of the Cold
		6.  The Bridge
		Fairly low quality broadcast with muddy sound.  It's in mono!

radio interview broadcast on WBCN in Boston on 17 July 1986
		The band is interviewed by Carter Alan, the well-known DJ whose
		influence helped U2 gain popularity in the Boston area early in their

live at the Paradise Theatre in Boston on 17 July 1986 (audience recording)
		1.  Worlds Apart
		2.  Jigsaw Street
		3.  Remember Everything (UNRELEASED SONG)
		4.  The Promise
		5.  Church of the Cold
		6.  Maybe This Time
		7.  Years Later
		8.  Tables Overturn
		9.  The Other Extreme
		10. Hurry Back
		11. The Bridge
		12. In A Whirlpool
		13. America [Simon & Garfunkel]
		14. State Of Emergency

		This show was introduced by Carter Alan of WBCN.  This is the most
		frenetic version of "State Of Emergency" I have ever heard!  Although
		the recording is from the audience, it is of very high quality: clear
		and crisp with a good dynamic balance.

live at the Ritz in New York on 24 July 1986 (audience recording)
		1.  Worlds Apart
		2.  Jigsaw Street
		3.  Remember Everything (UNRELEASED SONG)
		4.  The Promise
		5.  Church of the Cold
		6.  Maybe This Time
		7.  Years Later
		8.  Tables Overturn
		9.  The Other Extreme
		10. Hurry Back
		11. The Bridge
		12. In A Whirlpool
		13. America [Simon & Garfunkel]
		14. State of Emergency

live at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 08 October 1986 (audience recording)
		1.  Worlds Apart
		2.  Jigsaw Street
		3.  Remember Everything (UNRELEASED SONG)
		4.  The Promise
		5.  Church of the Cold
		6.  Maybe This Time
		7.  Pilots of Beka
		8.  Years Later
		9.  The Other Extreme
		10. Hurry Back
		11. The Bridge
		12. In A Whirlpool
		13. State of Emergency

		The recording is marred by heavy distortion for the first 20-30 seconds
		of "Worlds Apart", but after that it clears up as the original taper
		apparently reset the recording levels and restarted.  The rest of the
		concert's sound is very good.  This was apparently not a "sold-out" show
		as there is very little audience noise to interfere with the music, even
		between songs.

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