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Dirk's CD-R Page

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Mike Peters - "The RISE of Mike Peters" A collection of radio sessions and rare live recordings taken from many low-gen. and master analog sources.

U2 - "Unforgettable Outtakes and Tour Rarities" A collection of demos and alternate versions from the Unforgettable Fire album - many in "best ever" quality.

Paul Westerberg - "I've Played Here Before" Complete FM broadcast from Grant park in Chicago on July 4th, 1996. Mastered for CD from a 1st gen. analog tape. Filler includes a studio outtake from EVENTUALLY, an SNL appearance and an acoustic version of "Love Untold".

Vulgar Boatmen - "All Bands On Deck" This is a self-released cassette that pre-dates their first CD. Songs from all of their "official" albums are on this cassette, as well as some that have never been released elsewhere. Filler includes some compilation tracks as well as selections from their other self-released cassette "Women and Boatmen First".

Note: Though I prefer to trade, if you don't have anything I want to offer in return then we can make other arrangements.