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"Better Scream"
 WAH! HEAT's debut single "Better Scream" got the Sounds magazine
 "Single Of The Week" award.  Dave McCullough reviewed it as being:
  "...a lisson hybrid of Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" and "Don't Fear The Reaper," only it's more menacing and more sharply-focused than either. Tinny guitars, hunky vocals and spacey synths build up to a blazing inferno that is dramatic and awesome, but at the same time beautifully understated and reserved, with smatterings of the Doors' "The End" and a glance at the power of "Apocalypse Now" as underlying but effective reference points."
 Lead singer Pete Wylie told Sounds magazine what "Better Scream"
 was about:
    "I heard about this newspaper article where Howard Hughes wanted to get rid of Castro, but the CIA told him it was OK, they'd take care of it. They were going to announce the second coming of Christ, because Castro was denouncing Christianity at the time, and the CIA were going to say, 'Here's God and he wants us to kill Castro.' I mean, they were going to get this guy with holes in his hands and wheel him across America! The song's about how crazy people get over power, what lengths they'll go to."

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