LT =/8 The Twist Solo Discography
The Twist Solo Discography

Twist has released no solo albums, however, in 1995
he contributed drums and production work to a 5-song
CD from the San Francisco group called Fringe.

Click here to visit the Fringe Website

To contact Fringe, write to the lead singer/songwriter: Marti Wyman 337 Union San Francisco, CA 94133 USA Or send an email: To purchase the album, send either cash, check or a money order payable to Deep Sound: Deep Sound 11632 1/2 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 Or phone them at: 818-753-9975 Or fax them at: 818-753-9976 The price is $6.98 plus shipping and handling, so call them first to order. ney;DN+kq35ERnuuw*,:Unp  u Times New Roman
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